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Akaga is one of the most popular Bulgarian bands. It was founded by students of the National Musical Academy in 1992.
The musicians from Akaga are considered to be the founders of modern Bulgarian sound. Akaga have released six albums. The last one (20 Years) was released in December 2011 . Akaga's music represents a unique combination of fusion-jazz, funk, folklore music, reggae, soul and even hip-hop.
In the beginning of the 90's Akaga was the first Bulgarian band, which had a brass section as a main constituent in its music.
In the early years of the band the musicians worked mostly in Bulgaria. They released three albums ("Broken Dreams", "Why" and "When you see") and their popularity soared. On its way up the band transcended the limits of the national borders. In 1998 and 1999 the band took part in the Montreux Jazz Festival performing on open air stages.
In 2000 Akaga released their fourth album "9". At the same time there were important changes in the members of the band.
Throughout 2002 Akaga worked and lived in Moscow, Russia. Along with the Russian star Avraam Rousso they performed in more than 90 gigs not only in Russia but also Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Dagestan, etc. The biggest concert was at the Moscow Olympic staduim in front of a 28 000 strong crowd. During their stay in Moscow, the musicians from Akaga were active participants in the city's club scene. Upon returning to Bulgaria the band continued to perform in various clubs and concerts. In 2005 Akaga were invited to play for the young talents of Star Academy.
For the next few years the band's priority were concerts, mostly in Scandinavia.
Since 2007 the members of the band are: Krassi Kourtev (frontman, bass-guitar) Georgi Velev (trumpet, vocals), Ivo Kazassov (trumpet, vocals), Krassi Kirilov - Jojo (trombone, vocals), Kalin Petrov (keyboards), Petar Glavanov (guitars) and Dimitar Mitev - Dundee (drums). These were the musicians who upon their return to Bulgaria performed in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture. The audience welcomed them warmly and that's why they decided to settle back in Bulgaria. In the last two years Akaga have released three very successful singles. The band signed a contract with the producing company "Monte Music", which released their fifth and sixth(20th anniversary album). Currently the band is very active in co-operations with outstanding Bulgarian and international musicians and singers among which Grafa , Ditcho, Toma , Spens , Buzz D` Angelo , Mellow Mac , Pedro Lugo Martinez ( El Nene ) etc.
Akaga is very active in television as well. In 2008 it was the band of choice for "The Magnificent Six" and "Music Idol 2", while in 2009 Akaga was invited to support "Dancing Stars 2".
Currently Akaga continues with its television and recording projects , and its concert activity throughout Bulgaria and Europe.


Akaga - 20 years
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